Lisk (LSK) Highly Considered A Valuable Coin

Lisk (LSK) Highly Considered A Valuable Coin
One of the virtual currencies in a continuous motion is Lisk (LSK). Since launching the new decentralized apps, the digital coin is making a run in both market price and demand. In the current cryptocurrency trends, it is evident that Lisk is among the incredible coins of the future. Even after the recent virtual currency crash, Lisk continues to navigate through the murky waters and is increasing in value each day. The virtual currency is at the green level of $15.76, which is a 10.58% increment according to CoinMarketCap.

Lisk joins a multi-blockchain platform

Pantos, a multi-blockchain platform will partner with LISK. Lisk joins other four blockchain platforms supported by Pantos. The other four include; Ethereum, Bitcoin, Waves, and Komodo. The technology used by Pantos can solve any challenges experienced in the coin’s decentralized ledgers through the integration of collaborations between common technical standards and cross transfers in blockchain platforms. Pantos dev team is also designing a technology used in token atomic swapping for their system, which will allow blockchain platforms to carry out fast virtual currency exchanges. Therefore, this technology provides both parties with the ability to release their funds onto their own respective decentralized ledgers.

Lisk (LSK) Highly Considered A Valuable Coin

The coin’s recent success is attributed to their dev team effort. It is shown by the strides made in each of their departments that cover everything from unveiling new products, development updates, marketing, community, and company update. Lisk unveiled their new and improved Lisk in Berlin where they showcased the revamped logo, website, new product naming, and the Lisk Academy.

The dev team continues to showcase their prowess in the crypto sector through various technological advancements. The dev team presented the Lisk Hub that manages your LSK tokens. Lisk managed to be mentioned 116 times by the media and had 15 media placements, therefore, increasing their media coverage. In their marketing update, they implemented multiple campaigns for which focused on driving quality traffic to their new website. Lisk through their additional paid marketing campaigns also aims at increasing their brand awareness through the gathering of strategic insights about their target audience.

The future of Lisk

Lisk (LSK) continues to build its future through its integration with several business sectors. The currency is leaving no stone unturned in the application niche. With this being the key to success, Lisk partnered with several platforms such as,,, and These are vital alliance as it features the coin in multiple industries such as real estate, music, and side chain platforms. Another important collaboration to Lisk is with the Sapiens project. It is a neat project that enables you not to worry again about having diplomas and certificates damaged or lost. The beauty of this digital currency is that it works as a host and uses LKS in transactions as a native currency. The future of Lisk is bright as it allows you to host and launch your ICO’s. Through its blockchain technology, Lisk is highly considered to be a valuable coin in carrying out online transactions.

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